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For inquiries about sponsoring, guest posting, or partnering, please email me at lauren.rabadi@gmail.com, subject line: SPONSOR and ask for my media kit for more information!

Above are the ads sizes available (unique sizes can be discussed on a case by case basis). The ad will be pre-approved by me before it goes live to ensure that our aesthetics and interests are a good fit. 
*Ad will run for 30 days.
*You can start an ad any day of the month.

I do not accept ads or items to review for things I would not personally use or that I do not personally believe in.

Guest Blogging

Let's collaborate! I am not offering payment for blogs but your post will be pushed out to an audience of over 3.3 million! Here are a few guidelines:


  • Send me your idea or your post via email. Please also include your social audience including your own blog and networks (I would expect and would assume that you would promote your article too!)
  • Keep it encouraging and conversational. I want your articles to come from your heart and your own experiences. I also expect you to interact with my audience as you would your own (respond to comments and questions left on the blogpost, etc)


  • MyBestBadi is a health, fitness, recipes, and lifestyle website so I would prefer that your articles stick to those categories. This can include workout or health tips, transformations, recipes, beauty tips, etc.
  • At least one image must accompany your article with the dimensions of 732x1132 pixels.
  • All content, both written and image, MUST be your own intellectual property. If using stock images, they must be bought and royalty free.

  • Posts must be over 400 words, but best practice is to keep each post under 1,000 words. *Exceptions can be made for really great content. 
  • Please include the title of your article along with your pitch (or the article itself if it finished) and the image of image idea you plan on using.
  • Please title your emails "MYBESTBADI GUEST BLOGPOST SUBMISSION" when emailing lauren.rabadi@gmail.com
Please note not every submission will make it onto the blog, but I appreciate all of those who reach out to work with me!

Thank you so much for your support and look forward to working with you! 

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