Bronzed Glow Smoothie

November 23, 2013

Want to have stunning, glowing skin? Drink this high in beta-carotene smoothie instead of frying underneath the sun or even worse, the tanning bed.

The 8 Best Aerobic Exercises

November 14, 2013

When most people think of aerobic exercise they think of the classes called aerobics that involves a rhythmical routine that is taught at the gym. Although this is definitely aerobic exercise there are many other aerobic exercises that should be mentioned when considering any exercise routine. Aerobic exercise is any exercise that uses oxygen as fuel to sustain activity. Aerobic exercise elevates the heart rate, increases circulation and usually lasts for an extended period of time. Aerobic exercises can be done indoors or outdoors depending upon the specific exercise. Some indoor aerobic activities include stair climbing, elliptical, indoor rower, stair master, stationary bike, treadmill, housework and aerobic classes. Outdoor activities include skiing, cycling, skating, jogging, walking, football, and rugby. Some exercises such as kickboxing, jump roping and swimming can be done in or outdoors. Aerobic exercises can be differentiated into low and high impact activities. Low impact includes walking, swimming and stair climbing where as high impact include running, football, tennis and dance. Here you can find the eight top aerobic exercises to try out.

November Fitness Challenge

November 06, 2013

Do you accept this November challenge? 


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