Smoothie Time!

December 16, 2013

Try one of these delicious smoothies for a filling and nutritious snack!

Skinny Chocolate Frosty Protein Shake

December 07, 2013

Want a protein shake that tastes just like a chocolate milkshake? Try this recipe for a hit of protein and chocolately goodness!!

Bronzed Glow Smoothie

November 23, 2013

Want to have stunning, glowing skin? Drink this high in beta-carotene smoothie instead of frying underneath the sun or even worse, the tanning bed.

The 8 Best Aerobic Exercises

November 14, 2013

When most people think of aerobic exercise they think of the classes called aerobics that involves a rhythmical routine that is taught at the gym. Although this is definitely aerobic exercise there are many other aerobic exercises that should be mentioned when considering any exercise routine. Aerobic exercise is any exercise that uses oxygen as fuel to sustain activity. Aerobic exercise elevates the heart rate, increases circulation and usually lasts for an extended period of time. Aerobic exercises can be done indoors or outdoors depending upon the specific exercise. Some indoor aerobic activities include stair climbing, elliptical, indoor rower, stair master, stationary bike, treadmill, housework and aerobic classes. Outdoor activities include skiing, cycling, skating, jogging, walking, football, and rugby. Some exercises such as kickboxing, jump roping and swimming can be done in or outdoors. Aerobic exercises can be differentiated into low and high impact activities. Low impact includes walking, swimming and stair climbing where as high impact include running, football, tennis and dance. Here you can find the eight top aerobic exercises to try out.

November Fitness Challenge

November 06, 2013

Do you accept this November challenge? 

Yurbuds Giveaway!

October 28, 2013

My absolute favorite headphones are Yurbuds. They are no slip, meaning I can spin, take Pilates  run to catch my train, or fall asleep to music all comfortably and with my headphones never slipping from my ears. The amazing crew at Yurbuds has given me an extraordinary prize packet to give to my lovely and loyal Pinterest followers! Read more for how to enter!


Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub

October 13, 2013

I love the Fall. I love the outerwear, the non-frizzy hair weather conditions, and EVERYTHING pumpkin. Pumpkin coffee, breads, and now even my body scrub is getting into the pumpkin celebration. I updated my go to body scrub ingredients (which I realized I have never posted on the lookout for a post coming soon!) to give it a Fall, pumpkin twist!

Clean Eating "Better Than A" Banana Split

October 08, 2013

I am sure you are all familiar with the high fat , high calorie banana split from our childhood.  It looks a lot like this picture and is a sugar bomb of everything unhealthy.  Yes, a random treat is one thing, but try my Banana Split ice cream recipe for a treat that doesn't have to be a cheat!

Transformation Tuesday: Meet Becky!

October 01, 2013

Transformation Tuesday: Meet Becky, a twenty something who has traded in her bad habits, for healthier and happier ones!

October's Burpee Fitness Challenge

September 30, 2013

Do you dare? Burpees are the most hated yet are one of the most effective forms of cardio. A burpee is a full body workout in itself and is the perfect exercise when time and equipment is short. Let me know if you plan to accept this Burpee Challenge!


Apple Pie Detoxing Vitamin Water

September 21, 2013

Creating my own flavored waters is one of my daily habits. Whether it is lemon, basil, berries, or cucumber, flavored waters have many benefits to the drinker, including hydration and a boost of vitamins.  One of my all time favorites is Apple Cinnamon Water. This water tastes like apple pie the longer it sits while helping to detox your system and boost your metabolism.


Chicken "Pasta" Detox

September 11, 2013

This meal is so delicious you will want it even when you don't have to detox.  It also serves up beautifully; serve at a dinner for a nice light meal!

Pumpkin Pie Spice

September 10, 2013

I love fall. The leaves changing, the weather cooling, boots!, and of course everything flavored with pumpkin. Pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin breads, pumpkin protein bars, pumpkin coffees and everything in between is what truly delights me. To help make everything just a bit more pumpkiny, I add pumpkin pie just about everything.

Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight jar. Enjoy in breads, coffee, yogurt, granola, and more!

Note: this makes a lot of spice because I use it almost daily. Feel free to halve or quarter the recipe if seems like too much!

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Detox Smoothie

September 09, 2013

Had a rough night, weekend, or week? Get today off to the right start with this detox smoothie!

Strawberry Yogurt Pops

September 05, 2013

Easy, quick, and delicious - the Holy Trinity of snacking? Yup! Try out these strawberry pops for a healthy snack or sweet, guilt free dessert!

September's Ab Challenge!

September 03, 2013

Are you ready to take the challenge? Comment below to let me know how you are doing with September's challenge!



Simple DIY Salad Dressing!

August 28, 2013

I never eat premade salad dressings. They are either loaded with chemicals, loaded with fat, or are loaded with both. The taste is never fresh enough and making your own dressing is so easy! I like making small batches of dressing so I can switch it up daily.  
Another great thing about this dressing is it is the perfect base. It is easy to switch out one seasoning for another, add in some lemon juice, or grate fresh ginger into it.


Cold Busting Smoothie

August 25, 2013

I woke up today feeling a bit congested, dizzy, and all together not great. So instantly I knew before these feeling become "ugh, I'm sick" I had to nip it in the bud.  This smoothie recipe is filled with immunity building, cold fighting vitamins and minerals and tastes great.


My VMA Workout Playlist

August 22, 2013

The MTV VMAs are quickly approaching and to get into the spirit I have setup a playlist for my workouts to catch up on all the nominees. And the winners are...

Want to Be Featured?

August 20, 2013

The wonderful words I received on Pinterest, Facebook, and on this blog after I posted my Transformation Tuesday were overwhelming. They gave me a renewed lift in my spirit and it felt great to share my story with others.

Do you have a transformation you are proud of and want to share with the community?


My Personal Transformation Tuesday!

July 30, 2013

Last week during a very uneventful evening, I took a stroll through some older Facebook pictures of friends and came across pictures from a wedding I was in two years ago. The wedding, the bride, and the day were beautiful, but I was astounded by what I had looked like. I knew I was heavier then, but hadn't really put it into perspective until now.

Left: 204lbs, size 14, unhealthy and unhappy  Right: Size 4, healthy, and happy

green smoothie

All Natural Colon Cleansing Green Smoothie

July 29, 2013

This is the perfect green treat after a few days of less than healthy eating.  The sweet taste will curb your cravings and the super fiber punch will leave you with a very happy and healthy digestive system.

Creamy Avocado Dream Green Smoothie

July 22, 2013

Want more out of your avocados than just dips? Try this avocado smoothie for a creamy and delicious way to eat your greens!


Spicy Oven 'Fried' Chicken

July 16, 2013


Fried crispy, salty, yummy, rich fried chicken. Fried chicken; delicious on the tongue, not so attractive on the thighs.  My fix is a flavor packed oven ‘fried’ version using oat flour as the breading. 


Pancetta and Melon Pasta

July 12, 2013

I am not a regular pasta eater. I prefer lighter fare of veggies, fruit, and a little protein. BUT if I am in the mood for some filling, comforting pasta, I always turn to this recipe.  The pancetta is so salty and flavorful and the melon brings a sweet freshness to the dish. Finished off with a little heat from the chili flakes, this dish is the perfect comfort food.


Homemade Vitamin Water: Basil and Lemon Infusion

July 11, 2013

I drink a lot of water. A lot of water. I love the crisp taste of ice water and the mellowing of warm lemon water.  Mixing up flavors in water is a great way to make your recommended daily intake go quicker and more fun! Adding in basil and lemon will give your water antioxidants, aid in digestion, and give skin a dewy glow.


Soy Lime Chicken Skewers

July 09, 2013

What is better than meat on a stick? If you answered nothing, you are correct.  Chicken skewers are fun and versatile. You can combine all your favorite flavors for never ending kabob enjoyment!

Lentil Stuffed Peppers

July 08, 2013

I am in love with lentils. I am always looking for new ways to use these super little beans. Their peppery flavor makes them one of my favorite foods and, added bonus, they are packed with protein and fiber.  Their versatility lends them easily to multiple fun recipes.


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