Tomato Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs and Legs

I love using chicken thighs and legs in slow cooker recipes. There are inexpensive, versatile, give a great deep flavor, and did I mention cheap?  If thighs and legs do not work for you, breasts (boneless or bone-in) work just as fine.

Tomato Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken

6 chicken thigh and legs, bone in, skin removed

3 containers Campari Tomatoes, halved

1 small can chopped peeled tomatoes in their juice

5 cloves garlic, rough chop (I like a lot of garlic and the taste does dull in cooking)

½ tablespoon dried oregano

½ tablespoon dried basil

1 White Onion, roughly chopped

¼ cup white wine

¼ cup water



This recipe cannot get any easier. After chopping the garlic, tomatoes, and onion, toss everything into your slow cooker, leave for six hours, and come back to a wonderfully smelling kitchen.

If you are looking for a thicker sauce, feel free to cut down on the water. I personally like to take the liquid and cook rice in it, gives plan white rice a delicious kick.

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